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Hey Guys! I'm so glad you decided to stop by FAWM Kids! I'm Andrea Charell! Wife, mama of 2 and a lover of adventure, spending time with family, and living life with intentionality!

FAWM stands for FEARFULL AND WONDERFULLY MADE. I started this brand with my past in mind. I didn't have the confidence I needed in order to be my best self as a kid. I was self conscious about my skin color, skin texture (acne growing up), and being taller and bigger than most kids. I also had a sense of unique style so I stuck with that and it gave me confidence as I went through life.

Now that I have kids, I've found that affirmation and visual representation is very important in those early stages of life. FAWM Kids encompasses all of what I mentioned; affirmation, visual representation of black kids, and fashion that's sure to set your kid a part for the better. Join me on this journey of boosting confidence in kids through fashion, advocacy and truth.


Andrea Charell